27 Things I did before I turned 27

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Lately I’ve found myself getting down on myself so rather than focus on the negative, I’m reflecting on things I’ve done. I’ve come a long way and achieved a lot of things for my age. I’m in the process of writing out a bucket list but I’ve done a lot already so here’s a few (27 things to be exact) I’m proud of and love looking at photos or reflecting on.

27 Things I did before I turned 27


  1. Go to Portland, Oregon

    Portland riverside limes and stars Oregon Columbia river
    Portland Riverside
  2. Go to Disneyland, Orlando
  3. See Wicked on Broadway
  4. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge
  5. Visit Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite Falls limes and stars california
    Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park, California
  6. Go to New York City
  7. Go to Barcelona

    barcelona gaudi
    Casi Mila rooftop, Barcelona
  8. Learn to play guitar
  9. Watch all Harry Potter movies in one weekend (albeit it was a bank holiday weekend)
  10. Start and maintain a blog
  11. Spend a day baking
  12. Get married
  13. Visit Dubai (twice!)

    Downtown Dubai from Dubai Mall limes and stars blog
    Downtown Dubai
  14. See all my favourite bands live (some more than once)
  15. Learn about my skin and how to look after it
  16. Go vegetarian twice, and vegan once
  17. See Manchester United live in Old Trafford

    couple limes and stars old trafford manchester united
    Boyler and I in Old Trafford
  18. Learn how to cook
  19. Go on a no budget shopping spree
  20. Learn how to drive and get my licence “for emergency reasons”
  21. Have financial independence from my parents
  22. Eat in an underwater restaurant
  23. Try chocolate spaghetti (in Pike Place Market, Seattle for what it’s worth)
  24. Visit/travel through all 32 counties of Ireland
  25. Visit 6 states in the US (New York, Connecticut, Florida, California, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington)
  26. Go to college
  27. Applied to my dream company (25.02.2017)

So there you go. Where have you been and what have you done that you’re proud of and love to reflect on? Do you have a bucket list? Would love to know in the comments below.


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