101 goals in 1001 Days

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 My first post!
So I’ve not only have I been inspired to do this challenge but it has also gotten me to start my blog finally!
This is something I’m sure a lot of people do but in particular Avril (Blushful Beauty), and Aoife (Fashion Turn to the Right) have inspired me to actually track the things I want to do. I find if there’s a deadline, no matter how far away it always helps to get things done! 

Start Date: 08.01.13
End date: 05.10.16

1. Eat out more.

2. Complete the 30 Day Squat Challenge (at least once).
3. Become fluent in Spanish.
4. Use my recipe book to capture new creations.
5. See more of my own country and stop going to the “usuals”.
6. Get into a blogging routine and stick to it.
7. Try not to ramble. 
8. Continue beauty regime and note differences each month.
9. Take 10 minutes each day to myself.
10. Make an “future home” wishlist and start to save for it .
11. Move out again (third time lucky!) . 
12. Take up a class. Yoga, Spanish
13. Make more time for family and have more patience.
14. Go to Portland, Oregon.  Going April 2016!
15. Be more outdoor-sy. 
16. Have more girly days/nights with friends. 
17. Read all the books I’ve been meaning to read. 
18. Go swimming. 
19. Buy a makeup case. 
20. Fly business or first class.
21. Feel accomplished after completing a difficult task.
22. Do brunch more often.
23. Rescue a dog. 
24. Take a trip back to America. Going Easter 2016
25. Visit Edinburgh again. May 2014
26. Do quarterly clear-outs of my wardrobe. 
27. Establish a credit rating. 
28. Go to an intimate gig. 
29. Learn new songs for party pieces. 
30. Organise all my photos into albums and frames. 
31. Plan something different for David. 
32. Get a new laptop. 
33. Buy the wardrobe essentials.
34. Buy my first car. 
35. Find a new hairstyle I like. 
36. Visit different farmers’ markets. 
37. Experiment in the kitchen more. 
38. Have a mother-daughter date. 
39. Go/Plan a trip to Mexico.
40. Buy a camera! Got one for birthday 2014
41. Get a proper carry-on suitcase.
42. Start saving for our home.
43. Have more date nights.
44. Host a dinner party. 
45. Comment on other blogs more. 
46. Support my friends’ companies/ambitions. 
47. Go on an adventure, even if I’m not sure of the destination.
48. Make more homemade gifts.
49. Volunteer with a food charity.
50. Spend less time in front of screens. 
51. Upskill. 
52. Get a bookshelf and organise cookbooks.
53. Get a decent work wardrobe. 
54. Start another herb garden.
55. Buy a piece of classic jewellery.
56. Find the perfect heels.
57. Go somewhere new. 
58. Go for afternoon tea. 
59. Visit friends in far-flung places. 
60. Use my kitchen gadgets more. 
61. Learn to do my makeup perfectly. 
62. Find my perfect drink (alcohol/non-alcohol). 
63. Take more photos! 
64. Bake more. 
65. Decide on a career path. 
66. Learn more about coding.
67. Take people up on skeptical offers. 
68. Give Zumba another try. 
69. Watch the Star Wars Trilogy.
70. Network. 
71. Surprise someone I care about. 
72. Declutter and reflect on old memories. 
73. Don’t let the wedding put us in debt. 
74. Be more spontaneous. 
75. Do more blogger meetups/tweet ups. 
76. Play guitar again.
77. Find the perfect everyday handbag.
78. Take more risks.
79. Draw up a budget and stick to it. 
80. Go to town more and just walk around. 
81. Buy a coffee machine. 
82. Buy a pair of walking/hiking boots. 
83. Take care of my clothes more. 
84. Do monthly wishlists on my blog. 
85. Update the design of my blog. 
86. Get a map and pin everywhere I’ve been and want to go. 
87. Stand tall and proud.
88. Always feel fabulous. 
89. Learn more. 
90. Make contacts in the food industry. 
91. Get recognised for my work. 
92. Save money regularly. 
93. Use more social media. 
94. Attend more fairs, events, etc.
95. Develop ideas and concepts. 
96. Be confident.
97. Throw a surprise party. 
98. Find the perfect roof to throw a party on. 
99. Learn and move on from a mistake. 
100. Go on a boat.
101. Inspire someone to write their 101 Goals in 1001 Days.

I may add to this list but for now I’m happy. This has really made me think of all the things I have done, want to do and want to do again. If you have done one of these, please leave a comment. Would love to read it.

Do you have a “bucket list” or things you want to do? Or have you completed some of your life goals? Would love to hear from you.